Meath Wedding Band. Hi guys nearly time to hit the road again. Friday night we’re off to play in one of our favourite venues in Co.Offaly, we’re hitting the Bridge house, Tullamore. The gig is kicking off at 10.00pm why not pop down to check it out. there always an amazing atmosphere heaving with hen and stag parties.

*WARNING* there may be a chance you may need your dancing shoes so make sure you bring them along 🙂

The dance floor is always full and people smiling. Then why not hit the palace nightclub after the gig if your not ready to hit the hay.

Saturday Night we’re heading to Co.Sligo for a 5 and a half hour round trip but sooo worth it. We are hitting Sligo’s iconic venue The Garavogue always an upbeat gig with punters wall to wall. We’ll be on stage from 10.30pm folks so if you are in the sligo area or are in need of a weekend away after that long christmas come on down and rock the night away. Also we are followed by local legend DJ Brendan Jinks you’ll be sure to be on your feet till all hours in the morning.

Thats us for the weekend.  On sunday Tequila Rose will be found snoozing there little heads off after our long journey with a chance of a possible pint 🙂

To all our fellow musicians on the road the weekend be sure to keep warm and travel safe i think we could be in for a could one.

Guys we decided to try out blogging

. If you guys are interested in keeping up to date on what we’ve been up to. The four of us have made a lot of amazing memories whilst travelling the length and breath of Ireland and we would love to share them with you all.

Updates on the gigs and our up and coming gigs will be posted next week.

Until then…

Enjoy your weekend

Leinser Wedding Band Meath - Tequila Rose are Leinster's Premier Wedding Band

Meath Wedding Band Meath – Tequila Rose are Leinster’s Premier Wedding Band

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